Photography Tips

On this page I want to give some basic tips for getting better pictures. These tips should work, whether you are shooting with a simple point and shoot or a high end SLR. I have by no means figured it all out, and many of the techniques and tips that I talk about are ones that I am still developing in my own habits and practices. That being said, I know that if you will take these tips and make the effort to apply them to your photography, you will find your images getting better and better. If you have questions or would like to see an article about a particular topic, feel free to fire me an email at

Your Manual Knows Something You Don’t

You Don’t Have to Be Bach to Compose Correctly

Quit Missing the Moment

See it Different

1000 Words People Want to Hear

A Great Evil Under the Sun

Get Out of Auto, Now!

Decent Exposure

What is “F” and why is it stopped?

Fractionally better photos

How Hot are Your Shots?

Know your Gear

Understanding Sensitivity


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