The Practice of Peace

Nature photography is for me a delightful, relaxing experience.  It gives a great excuse to tromp around in the woods, enjoying God’s creation.  Inevitably a picture intrudes itself upon my senses, causing me to stop and attempt to capture whatever arrested my attention.  The process of capturing breathtaking beauty or memorable events invariably intrudes on the moment itself.  Be careful not to let the pressure of getting the perfect picture detract from the pleasure of the moment.  For most people, they take pictures to remember the moment.  Of course we should be concerned about getting the best possible picture, but don’t get so wrapped up in capturing the perfect picture that you forget the moment you are trying to record.  One huge element of getting the image you want while still being able to be a part of the moment is practice.  I can’t stress enough how vital it is to be well versed in both the principles of excellent photography and the particulars of your camera.  If you don’t know what to do to properly expose your image, you are going to be frustrated by your inability to get the image you want.  If you know what you need to tweak to get the right exposure, but don’t know how to make those adjustments in your camera, you will be frustrated as you fumble through the controls looking for the right settings.  If you know photography and your camera, and you practice both until they become second nature to you, you will be able to capture the moment while still being involved in the moment.

If we are going to navigate the whirlwind moments of our lives without getting overwhelmed, we are going to have to have a deep, practiced knowledge of the Word of God. The pressure of circumstances often overwhelm us, but if we have a deep love for Scriptures- a love that studies and knows the Word- we will have great peace.  A love for the Bible results in a life that returns time and time again to the truths of God found in its pages.   A love for the Bible causes one to spend time in the Word, digging out its principles. This love protects us from the offense of sin.  As David says in Psalm 119, “Thy Word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against Thee.”  The direct result of being protected from sin is peace, often peace with our fellow man but always peace with our God.  Added to that is the benefit of peace within our heart, as we learn the Word and learn to trust God to keep His Word.  Truly those who love the Word of God will have great peace. They will have a peace that protects their hearts, minds and lives.

Nikon D80 60mm f/25 1/100 sec. ISO-200


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