I Can’t Get No . . .

In the U.P.  many people like to feed the wildlife.  When something particularly interesting comes into the feeder, many like to shoot a handful of images.  For some just having a picture of a three eyed Tuatara is enough.  Others look at their images and realize it doesn’t come anywhere close to capturing the reality of the animal in your yard.  The picture leaves them decidedly unsatisfied.  There are several things that can be done to help capture and communicate the beauty of what you saw.  Here’s one idea: strategically place your bird feeder to get the best possible image while the birds are waiting to get to the feeder. Birds like to have a nice tree to light in before making the final dash to the food.  Locate your feeder so that the best tree for them is also one that allows you a good clean shot at the bird.   Then, as said in previous articles, be patient.  If you feed them, they will come.  If they come, you will have the opportunity to get the images you want.

Our life is often like those images.  We grab something that seems like it will satisfy.  Sometimes we seek to hold onto past pleasures, clinging to them in hopes that they will continue to satisfy us as they once did.  Sometimes we race after a new thrill, hoping it will revive the spark of delight that we feel is lacking. Unfortunately, we find those things don’t really satisfy us.  They are like the dark, slightly fuzzy picture of a beautiful bird. We know something is not quite right. We may not always know how to fix it, but we know it’s not as it should be.  Satisfaction is often promised, but very infrequently delivered.  Satisfaction, the true satiation of the soul, does not come through any physical means.  True, full and lasting satisfaction comes from God.  Not that God exists to fulfill our whims and make us happy.  On the contrary, we exist to fulfill the will of God and to please Him.  When we do that, our soul resonates with joy as it finds itself in harmony with the reason of our existence.

“As for me, I will behold Thy face in righteousness: I shall be satisfied, when I awake, with Thy likeness.”
Psalm 17:15

Nikon D80 800mm f/16 1/60 sec. ISO-800


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