Putting it to Work

One of the key ingredients of learning any new skill is practice.  Photography is no exception.  While it is very profitable to read books and articles or attend a class, the experience of doing the work for yourself and seeing the results of what you have done cements the facts you learned.  For example, a useful photography fact is that camera flash will be most influenced by your ISO and aperture settings.  You may understand that statement, you may write it down to remember for later.  A light bulb may go off in your head as something finally clicks.  It is a profitable statement.  Tonight you go out and attempt to take pictures at a friends house.  You find the flash is way to bright in your pictures, and then you begin to practice the fact you learned earlier.  You begin tightening up the aperture and as less light gets in you find your pictures are reaching a perfect balance between flash and ambient light.  Now you’re practicing it, and seeing for yourself just how this knowledge works.  You continue to employ this knowledge over the following weeks, learning the limitations of your camera and in what situations this doesn’t work very well.  You’re experience has made the fact yours.

One of the key ingredients in knowing God’s Word is practice.  Experiencing personally the truths of God is vital to understanding Him as fully as possible.  It is extremely profitable to read the Bible, read Bible study books and learn from the preaching and teaching of the Word.  Our Christian life must extend beyond the mere acquisition of knowledge, no matter how wonderful and profitable may be the knowledge itself.  The Christian life must be experienced.  The truth that God will provide for all of our needs may be fully understandable and appreciable to us.  That truth only becomes ours as we find ourselves in circumstances which put that truth to the test.  When we face the prospect of deprivation, with no human prospect for provision, then we learn fully what it means that God will supply all our needs.  When we are taught that God’s Word is true and right, and its commands are always best for us, we know this to be so.  Those truths become cemented in our lives and minds at those times in which we must decide between the seemingly expedient path and the path which the Word dictates to us.   As we go into our daily lives applying and practicing the truths of God’s Word, we drive those truths into our hearts solidifying them in our lives.

Nikon D80 300mm f/5.6 1/50 sec. ISO-200


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