The Spiritual Life

"To be spiritually minded is life and peace."Romans 8:6

When talking to the woman at the well, Christ contrasted the water she was seeking with the water He was giving. Christ promised that water He was giving would pour out into a well of water that would spring up into eternal life. That water Christ promised is the true water of life, the water that washes us clean from all sin, making us righteous and reconciling us to God. The influence of that water should be felt in our life as well as our change of destiny. It should result in a change of mind that produces within us abundant life and perfect peace. That life is ours through the Holy Spirit dwelling in us. All those that are saved have the Holy Spirit. Unfortunately, we often refuse to submit ourselves to the rule of the Spirit, resulting in a broken connection with the source of our life.  To continue in the blessing of life we must be spiritually minded. Our only to options are to have a fleshly mind or a spiritual mind. The differences between these two are greater, and often far more subtle, than the differences between a self pleasing hedonist and a deeply devoted ascetic. The carnal mind is a mind that thinks the way the old man does and that thinks in a way barely distinguishable from the common thinking of this world. The spiritual mind is the mind that thinks the thoughts of the new man, thoughts that are created in righteousness and true holiness. The carnal mind is popular, common and comprehensible to the vast majority of the world’s population. The spiritual mind is despised, radical and inconceivable to the world. The one mind is the thinking of death, destruction and separation from our Creator. The other mind is the thinking of life, peace and fellowship with our Father. In the one mind is turmoil, doubt, frustration and ultimate despair. In the other mind is peace, faith, hope and final victory.

The spiritual mind is not produced by accident. We will not wake up one morning to suddenly find our mind has been renewed. Nor can we expect the promise to be quick and easy. In Paul’s, Peter’s and James’ letters to churches, God makes very clear that the process of developing Christlikeness requires diligent, continual effort. Paul gives the simplest descriptor of this process, renewing the mind. Renewal is a straightforward term. Much like its more modern counterpart renovate, the term is simple but the process is often long and laborious. Renovation demands the stripping out of the old, often down to the frame, cleaning away all the debris and remnants, repairing broken or out of line portions and then adding on the new materials to construct a whole new structure. While in a house this can sometimes be done in a matter of days, in the life this process takes much more time. We face active opposition that is constantly seeking to demolish that which we attempt to build. Despite the struggle, the value of the spiritual mind is far greater than the effort we put in. In that spiritual mind we find life, eternal and abundant life. In that spiritual life we find peace, unexplainable, God given peace.  Is it in you?

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