A Message from the Moon

Our planet is graced with a single moon, orbiting it at an average distance of 250,000 miles.  Each month the moon goes through its phases, from new to full and back to new again.  The moon exerts a strong influence on the earth, effecting the tides and even the movement of the earth’s plates.  The moon is a gray, dusty pockmarked rock, but when it catches the light of the sun it becomes a brilliant silver reflector beautifying the night and enchanting observers.  Genesis 1 tells us God specificly created the moon for man to use in tracking time.  Psalm one tells us the moon is part of the silent celestial testimony to God’s glory.  When we view the moon, we are viewing clear testimony to the creative power, genius and perection of God.  Truly, every part of the heavens declare God’s glory.  Whether it is our closest celestial companion or the most distant object ever image by the Hubble telescope, all of it testifies to God’s handiwork.  As David says in Psalm 19, every where man can see the sky, man can see a testament to God.  Everywhere the sun rises and sets, man hears silent testimony to the eternal power of his Creator.  Everywhere one can see the moon, one can see the hand of God.  God’s creation must cause us to stop in wonder to consider the power and wisdom of such a God that could call all these incredible things out of nothing.  Of course, now we are faced with the constant denial of God’s creative work by those who profess to be wise.  We fall into the trap of their intelligent sounding words.  To doubt God’s creation by fiat is to deny God the glory due Him.  To question miraculous creation is to demean the miraculous Creator.  Let us look at creation in faith, fully believing God has created as His Word says.  Let us look at creation in worship, exalting above all others the God who placed all this here by the Word of His mouth.  Let us look at creation in thanks, giving the right appreciation to the One who saw fit to surround us with such incredible beauty and abundant provision.

Nikon D80 800mm f/16 1/60 sec.  ISO-100


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