Worthy of Love

"I am the rose of Sharon and the lily of the valleys. Song of Solomon 2:1

Song of Solomon is a tale of romance that draws our minds to the great love of Christ for His bride.  In the consideration of this love, we do well to think of the greatness of the One who loves us.  Throughout the Song of Solomon, there are several occasions in which the lovers describe their love.  These descriptions are vivid, if somewhat foreign, representations of how they viewed the one they desired most.  While these are instructive in our human relationships, I think it also gives a profitable example of the depths of the passion we must have towards Christ.  No one is more deserving of our love and devotion than Jesus.

None can match the perfection of Christ.   The human perfectionist may be a source of conflict, demanding the unreasonable.  The perfect Christ produces peace and gives us, through His Spirit, the resources to do all that He has commanded.  Christ’s perfection is reasonable, recognizing that we have no ability to meet His standard.  In His grace Christ covers us in His own perfection so that we are not viewed in light of our failures.  We are viewed in light of His victory.

None can exceed the power of Christ.  Every relationship has its disappointments.  Even the knight in shining armor is limited in his ability to accomplish all his dreams and plans.Yet, nothing limits or hinders the ability of Christ.  This should give us complete confidence in Christ as we learn to depend on Him more fully.  This should encourage us as we see Him work out His loving plan time and time again in our lives.

None can surpass the protection of Christ.  His infinite power is applied to our relationship with Him.  Unlike any other relationship, in Christ there is absolute security.  Nothing will remove us from His love.  No sin, situation or sorrow will ever bypass the security of Christ.  No matter how far we go, how deep we descend or how dark the despair we are still within the protection of Christ.

None can compare to the promises of Christ.  What relationship can offer what Christ promises?  No human relationship will even hint at everlasting life and eternal joy.  No one will ever keep all the promises they make.  No matter how good the intentions or sincere the efforts, every one will fail to perform all they have promised.  This is not so with Christ.  All the glorious things Christ has promised to His children He will do.  Unlike most of the promises from this life, Christ will do more than He has promised. Truly, Christ is worthy of our greatest love and devotion.

Olympus SP500 10mm f/4 1/640 sec. ISO-80


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