The Road Ahead

We look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen.2 Corinthians 4:18

What do you do when you can’t see the road ahead of you?  Many times in our Christian life we are called to take a step when we have no idea where that step is going to lead us.  Sometimes the road we see as so clear in front of us suddenly disappears in a fog of confusion and doubt.   Sometimes we have no idea what turn to take or where those turns may lead.   This troubles us so much because we spend much of our time looking at the wrong thing.  We tend to focus our eyes on those things that we can see and those things that makes sense to us.   Instead, we need to lock our gaze on those things which we cannot see.  I know, that sounds like weird Confucian philosophy right now.  However, there are some real solid truths here that need to be considered.  The truth is what we don’t see is that which is most real and which holds together all the reality we do see.  That ultimate reality is Christ.  He, and His promises to us, are the things that should control our sight.  This focus only comes through faith, as faith is the “substance of things not seen.”  Only through faith can we keep our sight centered on Christ.  Without faith, our gaze waivers, drifting to and fro.  Much as Peter, when we lose our focus on Christ, the wind and waves of life rapidly begin to overwhelm us.  We start to sink in the seas of our own worry and fear.  As long as we are focused on Him, the concerns about the path ahead diminish.  This does not mean if we have more faith Christ is going to give us greater knowledge about what is ahead of us.  This means, if we have walk by faith we won’t need a greater knowledge.  This truth goes a little bit deeper, though.  Not only must we focus our gaze on Christ when things are doubtful and uncertain, we must focus our gaze on Him when things are clear and comfortable.  The practice of our life must be to constantly look to Christ as the ground, guide and goal of our lives.

Nikon D80 180mm f/13 1/250 sec. ISO-100


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