God’s Great Work

"He which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ." Philippians 1:6

Is there anything in this universe that could prevent God from accomplishing the work He intends to accomplish?  Is there any deed too great for the ability of God to successfully complete?  Is there any limit to the infinite power that produced all the energy in the universe merely by speaking?  Is there any resistance to the force that set the universe in motion with just a word?  All the infinite power of God is exercised on behalf of His children, to continue in them the great work that He began at our salvation.  At salvation God began a great work of transformation in them.  In that work He made them a new creature and began in them the process of renovation so that the child of God is able and willing to God’s will.  He will continue to change His children into the image of Christ until Christ returns and all His saints are glorified and perfected.  This truth is not just the assumption of theologians, nor is it the imaginings of ignorants.  This is the unmoving, eternal promise of God.  God began the great work in His children as He drew them to Himself.  God continues that great work through His Holy Spirit who seals until the day of redemption.  He will continue to work in the heart until He finishes His great task.  That promise is full of comfort and hope.  True Christians don’t have to be afraid that they are not measuring up to the standard.  God is doing the work.  Believers don’t have to be afraid they won’t make some later cut. God has promised to perform His good work.  There is no need for doubt or worry about our eternal future, it is safely secured in the work of God.  The same God who created all this universe in six days is the same one working in His saints, right now.  The same God who works all things out after the counsel of His own will and who does His will in the armies of heaven and earth is working in Christian’s hearts.  That which was begun in the Spirit, will be completed in the Spirit.  Not by my ability, spirituality, devotion or worthiness, but by the infinite power of God.

Olympus SP500 8mm 1/200 f/3 ISO-200 (B&W conversion in Photoshop)


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