Strength in the Lord

"Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord." Ephesians 6:10

At the very end of the Stonington Peninsula, 20 miles south of US 2, is the Peninsula Point Lighthouse. The original facility was built almost 150 years ago in 1864 and was a necessary guide for navigating Lake Michigan until 1949. Ten years later, in 1959, the keeper’s house burned down, leaving behind the original lighthouse structure. The lighthouse stands alone in a small grassy area, a stark testimony to the long years of service that have gone by. The strength of this structure is impressive, having stood against the storms and weather since before Lincoln’s assassination. When I see this solitary tower standing alone my mind thinks of the need for believers who will stand solid and unmoving through all the seasons of life. Unlike the Peninsula Point Lighthouse, we do not and can not stand alone.

For Christians, the strength to stand, to endure and to withstand comes from the Lord.  At times we feel like Jacob, “few and evil have the years of my life been.”  At other times we feel more like Paul, “We are more than conquerors.”   Whatever our feelings about life may be, we have the ability to stand firm because of Christ.  For each of us there is the command, the challenge and the comfort, “Be strong in the Lord.”  This is a command, it is something we must do.  We cannot continue in weakness, but we must stand strong.  It is a challenge, for this world opposes us.  It seeks to overthrow us and it works to undermine us.  This is not an easy proposition, but in this challenging command is great comfort. Our great comfort (and confidence) is in the fact that the strength does not rest in us.  The ability and courage is not found in us.  We are able to be strong, steadfast and standing through the Lord.  He is the one who strengthens, sustains and supports us.  We can have joy, peace and victory as we are strong in the Lord.  We can stand, but only in Christ.

Nikon D80 f/6.3 1/100 sec. 31mm ISO-100


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