The Promise of His Presence

<i>"I will never leave thee."<br>Hebrews 13:5 </i>

"I will never leave thee."Hebrews 13:5

In Psalm 139 David considers the character and power of God. In that consideration David examines God’s presence. He asks the question, “Where can I go that You are not there?” When we consider that question, we find great comfort. Is there anywhere that God is not with you? Can you hide from God? Can you run from God? Let’s look at the borders of God’s presence. Where does God stop and go no farther? David begins this by looking to the heavens and asks, “Can I climb beyond the highest mountain and God not be there?” To put the question in more modern terms, can I get in a space shuttle and climb to the outer reaches of the atmosphere and God not be there? It is said that the first Russian cosmonaut in space, Yury Gagarin, said from orbit, “I don’t see any God up here.” The next to reach orbit, Gherman Titov, is reported to have said, “I am high in the sky, and still I do not see the face of God.” Though they didn’t see Him, God was there with them, even in orbit around the earth. Even where no man had gone before. If one was to keep climbing and reached heaven itself, would it be beyond the presence of God? Could we attempt to hide under the very throne of God? Could one sneak into Heaven’s storage room and God not be there? No, no matter how high you climb, fly or teleport, God is still there with you. I cannot go higher than God. Let’s go the other way. If I descend into the deepest mines of man, will God still be there? If I climb into Jules Vernes’ tunneling machine and tunneled into the very center of the earth, will God still be there? If I go down into Hell itself and set up housekeeping with the condemned, will God be there? The answer to all these questions is yes, yes and yes. When I go to heaven God is there, and in Hell He can still be found. In Heaven God is its joys and bliss, in Hell God is its torment and judgment. In either place, I cannot escape the presence of God. We have tested the heights and the depths, now lets test the width of God’s presence. If I get up in the morning, hop onto my space ship and fly at the speed of light to the farthest reaches of the universe. God is still there. I cannot go anywhere at any speed in any time that God is not already there, waiting for me. I cannot travel at any velocity when God is not there, traveling with me. Travel your millions and billions of years to the very edge of the universe and God’s hand is still there. He is the one holding even the most unimaginable parts of this universe together. What would make one think he could possible escape the presence of God? Acts 17:28, “In him we live and move and have our being.” In God we live and move, we don’t function outside Him, we function in Him. You can leave your house and move outside it. I can leave your state and live and move outside it. I can never leave the presence God and live and move outside Him. So when God says, “I will never leave Thee, nor forsake Thee.” we can be certain His Word is true.

Olympus SP500UZ 6mm 1/640 sec. f/4 ISO-80


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