Manifold Wisdom of God

<i>"To the intent that now might be known the manifest wisdom of God."<i> Ephesians 3:10

"To the intent that now might be known the manifest wisdom of God." Ephesians 3:10

God’s wisdom is a brilliant, beautiful, variegated thing. His wisdom has been displayed in many different ways. He displays His wisdom through creation, astounding observers with His craftsmanship and creativity. From the marvels of sub-molecular structures to the majesty of galaxies across the universe, all creation shows off God’s amazing wisdom. He displays His wisdom through history, revealing to the thoughtful observer His rule, protection and guidance in the workings of all the nations. Any consideration of the Old Testament should remind one of how God is orchestrating all elements of history to work out His perfect plan of the ages. Only any infinitely wise God could work through the evils and depravities of man to bring about the means of offering infinite joys to men. He displays His wisdom through the church, calling out of every tribe, tongue and nation a group of people unto Himself. Those He calls out are given a remarkable and eternal unity in Christ, as they are made members together as part of the body of Christ. He displays His wisdom through salvation, freely giving Christ to die so that men may live. Who can comprehend a wisdom that plans for the death and suffering of Christ so He will be exalted and praised throughout eternity? The wisdom of God in determining the means, time and manner of salvation for men, and the wisdom of God in drawing individuals to accept that salvation is wisdom that cannot be comprehended. It is wisdom that cannot be explained or expressed. Truly God’s wisdom has many sides, colors and variations. All we can do in response to God’s wisdom is marvel and worship. Just as the colors of fall astound us in their uniqueness and beauty, so we should be enthralled and enraptured by the beauty of God’s infinite wisdom.

Nikon D80 70mm 1/250 sec f/5.6 ISO-200


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