How ’bout Humility?

<i>"Though the Lord be high, yet He hath respect to the lowly."  Psalm 138:6 </i>

"Though the Lord be high, yet He hath respect to the lowly." Psalm 138:6

Have you ever wondered how God can be so humble? I know some skeptics have accused God of arrogance, and even megalomania, but to do so they have to ignore the almost unbelievable humility that God shows in His relationship with man? Who among us would allow someone else to treat us the way we have treated God and still respond in love to that person? Many of us would not allow ourselves to be treated the way we have treated God. The minority who would endure that kind of scorn and rejection, would not respond in true love to the one who treated them that way. God’s humility is so boundless that the infinite crimes we have committed against Him do not sway Him in the least from His great plan of redemption. Not only did God give His Son to die for our sin, He did so knowing the vast majority of mankind would reject that gift. More than that, God knew our response would go beyond a polite refusal to outright disdain and open denial. In His perfect foreknowledge and limitless wisdom, God knew how all men would respond to His love. He not only knew our sin, He knew our spite. Yet, He still gave Christ to be our sacrifice. He still desires a restored relationship with man. He still does not find delight in the judgment of the wicked. He still “is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.” (2 Peter 3:9)

If our God is so incredibly humble that He will give Himself freely to a bunch of selfish, scornful, spite filled rebels, what makes us so arrogant? Have you ever created a world? Have you ever designed an intricate system of trillions of moving parts and set it in motion, just for your own pleasure? Have you formed out of nothing a single living thing and then provided all that was necessary for that being to live? Have you ever commanded and the skies obeyed you? Have you ever changed the course of the sun? Have you ever even done something as pitifully unimportant as bending a spoon with your mind? Have you lived in such a way that no other person has ever been offended or injured because of you? Have you shown infinite grace to all things, never losing your temper or responding unjustly? What have we got to be proud about? You have a family? You have a job? You have a house and car? So do billions of others. You are a better driver than anyone else on the road? So is everyone else. What makes you so special that you can be proud and self serving? You got nothing. I got nothing. To quote God, “Who is this that darkeneth counsel by words without knowledge?” God loves the humble man, God will in time exalt the humble man, God has respect to the lowly and loves the one of a contrite heart. If the eternal, infinite, limitless, all-powerful Creator and Sustainer of all things is humble enough to love us, die for us and be rebuffed by us, then why aren’t we humble enough to live for Him instead of ourselves?

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