Every Season of Life


Every season of the year holds it charm and beauty. Spring, summer, fall and winter are all compellingly beautiful, no matter where you live and what the weather. To my mind fall brings with it the most obvious signs of transition. The days are cooler, the forests are filled with the color of changing leaves, and even the air smells different. In the Bible we learn that God instituted the seasons, He established seasons with the creation of the earth. We also learn in the Word that He uses seasons to teach us great truths about our own lives.

All of us recognize that many different seasons come in the course of our lives. As Ecclesiastes tells us, “To everything there is a season.” These seasons include birth and death, planting and harvesting, healing and killing, building and demolition, laughter and weeping, mourning and dancing and many other facets of daily existence. Some seasons are particularly difficult to endure, while others are delightful, leaving us wishing they would never end. There is a time for every season, but that is not all. For every season there is a great purpose. “He hath made everything beautiful in His time.” (Ecclesiastes 3:11) Not only has God set a particular time for every season, God has pre-planned a perfect purpose for every season. He does not allow the seasons to arbitrarily flow across our paths. He carefully orchestrates each one of our seasons to bring about great beauty.

As believers we have a wonderful opportunity to do far more than just get through the seasons of life. That opportunity comes as we learn to look for the beauty, the perfect purpose, that God is working out in those seasons. As I type this I am wishing winter would hurry up and end (and it’s only January). If I were to apply these truths to this season of the year, instead of simply enduring the long winter months, I must realize that God is working great beauty across the landscape with all this cold and white stuff. The muted contours of the landscape, that hides the flaws and debris and the crisp, clear air that seems to magnify the stars and moon both serve to make this season uniquely beautiful. In a much more important way, the expectation of God’s beautiful plans coming to fruition should encourage and embolden us through all seasons of our lives. We should also be careful to respond graciously as our lives go from one season to the next. The transitions in the spring of our life are usually pretty exciting and anxiously awaited. As summer comes to an end and we head into the fall and winter days of our life, we struggle with the change. We don’t look forward to the days ahead and the loses we know will be coming. We often resist the change, even though its time has so obviously come. Don’t forget, even the winter of our life has its own very unique beauty. Every season of life has its troubles, some more so than others, but in every one of them God is working out His beautiful purposes. Let the rule of your life be to rejoice in the beautiful things God is working out through each season of your life.

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