In the Beginning

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Frequently I take pictures under slight duress. That duress generally comes from my wife who finds something interesting that looks to me like nothing more than a dumb little plant. The picture you see is one of my wife’s favorite pictures, and it was taken under the conditions I just described. I saw nothing interesting in the plant (I still don’t really care for the picture), but Ruth did. So I ended up crawling around on the damp ground on a cold, rainy day to get for her the picture she wanted. She was very pleased with the close up image of a fern just begin to unfurl in early spring. As we looked at the picture, both of us were struck with the image the fern presented to us of the unfolding of all things at creation. It seems to us to be almost a quick snapshot of all the marvels being unveiled in the midst of creation. In the book “The Magicians Nephew” C.S. Lewis gives a picture of creation that stirs the imagination. He describes Aslan, the creator of Narnia, as walking through the nothingness singing. With each note and melody he called forth the many parts of creation, each of the plants and animals growing up out of the ground in just a matter of seconds. Following that imagery, I can just imagine all the things we see around us as they quickly sprang up, the giant redwoods growing hundreds of feet in just a few short seconds. The great elephant growing up out of the ground like some strange gray vegetable. The long necks of dinosaurs breaking through the earth to wave and move like colossal fields of grain. Since I don’t know the mechanisms God employed to create all of that is just speculation. I do know that the actual events of Creation were far more wonderful than anything our feeble imaginations can conjure up.

God’s creation of all things out of nothing should fill us with praise, admiration and wonder. I can’t begin to comprehend the power and skill necessary to create a universe such as ours in only six days. Most of us would struggle to create in our mind 6 things that are utterly unique. God created everything from nothing, He made billions of things utterly unique and most very radically different from the other. From the smallest sub atomic particle to the largest galaxy, all things are the product of God’s creation. To add to the immensity of creation are all the instructions necessary for everything to interact cohesively together. Truly, God’s creative ability is marvelous beyond description. As the pinnacle of His creation, God took special care and effort to form man. No longer did He create by command, now He crafted with His hands. God reached down into the earth, pulled forth the dirt and molded the first man. In similar fashion as a skilled artisan crafts a fine piece of art, God crafted man. Creation is marvelous beyond any thing words can even begin to express. The words, “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” should fill all of us with praise, wonder and rejocing.

Nikon D80 55mm F/5.6 1/5 ISO-100


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